About me


Hello there, I am RUTURAJ RAVAL.

23 years old, Indian, Living in Canada, Android & Cloud Developer, Software Engineer

My Info


Now Windsor, Canada

From Surat, India

Android Developer

at Freelancer

Studies MSc in Computer Science- Research base from UoW

Studied B. E. (Computer Engineering)

Androider first &

Programmer second

Computer Engineer

Windows Love & iOS Like

My favourites

Travelling is my hobby

3 countries visited so far (many cities in all 4 countries)

Fitness freak isn't right word :p

But I do Gym

Love retro Bollywood music

The 60's-80's have best music

My evergreen friend HARMONICA

Since gifted in childhood

Karate Boy

Brown belt achiever

Quick Introduction

"Practical knowledge and experience are the best Teachers and hard work is the best Worship one can ever do!!"

I define myself as an eager-beaver, creative and hard smart working young man! 

I would love to call myself an ROYGBIV - Reliable, Optimistic Young Gentleman, Brewed with Independent & Vast thinking.

Let me admit that, the people around me, are fond of me, because of my friendly nature, but I don't socialise much. Because making more friends = hanging more out, so I would rather select to be alone more, to explore new things, new technology and my inner strength, my own capabilities, etc., than wasting such time in parties and clubbing.

"Experience is just another word, that helps human mind to accept the failure before the success!"

I hate fake and liar people. I maintain good distance with such people, that way I cure my way safe and secure. Playing pranks with me is another bad idea. I am well behaved and well-mannered person. I  am very spiritual, so sometimes in past, some of my colleagues/classmates (not friends!) used to consider my spirituality as my superstitious-ness. 

If I am provided with some task, and if I truly believe that I can achieve it, I will achieve it. If you want to know me, communicate with me, and then judge, because my personality and behaviour changes with people, so you might not be able to see me, how others know me!

"Remember, people never respect you, neither your knowledge or talent, they just respects your position, because world's talent is performing on every next street and some less-talented-lucky-fellow is ruling them!"

I am kind of person, who is happy working as an individual but at the end, I seek in working with the team, because the simple reason is there, as a team = more brains > individual = 1 brain, so that way creativity can be developed in high resolution.

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Work Info

The details about my job profiles..

AIESEC, India: 02/2012 to 07/2012

Social Service, has its own definition!

ADVANCED Systems Corporations

UK & Switzerland: 05/2014 to 06/2015

Project Trainee Android Developer!

Freelancing: 06/2015 to 12/2017

Freelancing is well different than

the professional job!

SSA, Geneva, Switzerland: 09/2015 to 01/2017

Android and cloud developer

R SearchBox, Mumbai: 02/2017 to 04/2017

Android and cloud developer

Vitebox, Mumbai: 02/2017 to 09/2017

Android and cloud developer

My Projects

The details about my projects..

Expense Management

An OCR Android app which can do image recognition and extract the text

AFE: App For Emergency

An app which can help you in any of the emergency circumstances


An image editing android app

Season's Greetings!

An app to wish and greet your kith and kin for different 51 festivals!

Call Recs

Call recording application on android

Aarsh Fashion

An app for Men's fashion (Client's app)


Birthday Future SMS!

Plan your birthday greetings as SMS in advance as future scheduled SMS!


Birthday Future SMS Free!

Plan your birthday greetings as SMS in advance as future scheduled SMS!


Society Management!


R Search Box!


Call Blocker!

Block calls anytime | anywhere | when on holidays, etc. to protect your privacy!

Clock widget!

Unique | flexible | durable | innovative home screen widget that represent time!


R builder!



Your music companion through your thick & thin so get lost in a magic world!

Add & Search!

Add any note quickly and later you can search by word/sentence from data!


Handle your events such a way that you can create instant events and plan them!

How old are you!?

How many years-months-days-hours-minutes-seconds old are you? Let the app show!!

Ruturaj R R CV

My Curriculum Vitae (23 years of a journey) in an Android app as representation!

Educational Qualification

The details about by educational qualifications..

Vidhyabharti School, Surat, Gujarat, India: 06/1997 to 03/1999

Junior KG & Senior KG student

P. B. Desai Primary School, Surat, Gujarat, India: 07/1999 to 04/2006

1st to 7th classes' student

I. N. Tekrawala Secondary School, Surat, Gujarat, India: 06/2006 to 06/2009

8th to 10th classes' student

F. S. Parekh Technical School, Surat, Gujarat, India: 06/2006 to 06/2009

Simulataneous school with I. N. Tekrawala school, where technical education was provided

R. S. M. Poonawala Sarvajanik Experimental School, Surat, Gujarat, India: 06/2009 to 05/2011

11th & 12th classes' student


UTU (Uka Tarsadia University) affiliated C. G. Patel Institute of Technology, Bardoli, Surat, Gujarat, India: 07/2011

Attended for 1 week (for B. Tech.), and then joined GTU


GTU (Gujarat Technological University) affiliated C. K. Pithawalla college of engineering and technology, Surat, Gujarat, India: 07/2011 to 06/2015

B.E. (Computer Engineering) student

Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada: 06/2014 to 07/2014

Under IEP- International Experience Program, attended the university to study 2 subjects in final year of an engineering student

Maharashtra Institute of Technology School of Distance Education: 06/2015 to 07/2017

PGDBA (Marketing) student

University of Windsor, Windsor, ON, Canada: 01/2018 to 12/2019

MSc. in Computer Science- Research base degree student

Technical Skills

The details about my skills..




C / C++